the blinglish spotlight
Just let me see
what's in your...

wallet? And, what's in your...

mouth and...
Aha! 3 BLING shots to take for a smoother impression in English. Ahaa! Visit/discover + share and learn English My extra magnetic mouth is open for business "feel~ing = BLINGlish"!

BEING beyond, say...Subtle and being synchronized! View Nicole Mahramus' profile on LinkedIn

~You'll be~~~
your English voice appeal isn't yet CHECKING OUT. Well...Stop knocking yourself out!

Falling Behind?

Did you hear, you're really being $~COOL
'ed h'ear?

Ahhh, Leanger and BL'ENGLI$H!

Ahhh, Leanger and BL'ENGLI$H!
Giving out "Oooos" and "ahhhhs"!! Applause.

Without me -your speaking captain. And,..

Explore your English voice potential today with my...

SpARKS, Covners @ions ~Beginning ENGLi$H and BLING!

SpARKS,  Covners @ions ~Beginning ENGLi$H and BLING!


So...Sparks, convers@ion! add BLING and you're brilliant

B An Elastic Skull~Astic

B An Elastic Skull~Astic